More good news for our buy to let insurance customers.

We mentioned last week that rents were on the rise (4% up on average) and that demand for rental property was growing, well there’s even more good news on the way. Recent research carried out by a rival insurance company suggests that void periods (the time when a rental property is empty) is also falling. It’s down now to an average of 2.8 weeks, the lowest it has been since early 2009.

The drivers behind this fall are the same economic issues that have driven up demand and rental prices; uncertainty in the job market, the lack of affordable finance and doubts over the stability of house prices. It’s a situation that’s working in the favour of landlords as they are able to add a premium to the price of their properties in the knowledge that they will rent out quickly.

As if this wasn’t enough good news, the financial options available to landlords are increasing – figures from Mortgages for Business show that there are more than twice as many mortgage products in the buy to let sector than there were this time last year!!