It seems that, despite the generally depressed state of the UK residential market, more and more lenders are rushing to join the buy to let party. New research suggests that the choice of financial services that are on offer to landlords are now getting close their 2007 peak.

It’s great news for landlords who are already enjoying impressive yields on their investments. The lack of available finance in the residential mortgage market has helped to push demand for rental property to an all-time high, which has lead to increased yields and significant annual rent increases.

As a result of this, lenders are piling back into the buy to let market and cutting their rates aggressively as competition increases. According to Rightmove this means that there are more than three times as many buy to let finance options available today as there were in 2009 and there is a good mix of options to choose from with various lending criteria, interest rates and loan to value options available.

If you’re thinking of dipping your toes into the buy to le market, you will need to get the right insurance before you let out your home so why not call us today for some friendly, helpful advice.