Thinking of organising a small get-together with friends, family or neighbours? Maybe you would like to organise something on a larger scale? Whatever the weather, insurance for your celebration is definitely worth considering, and in some cases, necessary. But, where do you begin?

• At home – your home insurance will provide cover for informal gatherings of friends and family, providing you are not charging them (unlikely). There are some restrictions in a standard insurance policy that might affect you though. For example, theft is only normally covered if it was a result of violent and forcible entry.

• Small parties – if you are planning a small, not for profit gathering in a public place, like your street, then you will probably need public liability insurance. You normally need permission from your local authority to have the party and they lay out the type of insurance cover you must hold and the indemnity limits the policy must provide. Some authorities demand a minimum of £5 million worth of cover, other less.

• Larger parties – if you’re running an event for profit the venue you choose will have some insurance cover for their property but not for the actual event – that will be down to you. Where profit is the driving force and people are paying to attend public liability cover will not, by itself, be sufficient. In addition you will probably need to consider cover for cancellation, abandonment and equipment hire.

If you would like more information on planning a not for profit celebration try the following websites:

Talk to us if you need help deciding if you need insurance for your celebration and we will make sure you get the right cover.