We all know that car insurance is, by law, required for us to drive our cars on Britain’s roads yet a number of motorists attempt to avoid the compulsory cost and continue to drive illegally.

A staggering £500million is estimated to be the cost of accidents caused by drivers without cover each year and this is one of the reasons for law-abiding drivers having to pay high premiums.

The government last June stepped up its effort to solve the problem of uninsured drivers, a move which resulted in more than 120,000 car owners being issued £100 fines for failing to insure their vehicle or declare it off the road. This initiative, known as ‘continuous insurance enforcement’, means that there must be no gaps in cover and hopes to force down the number of uninsured and untraced drivers on the roads.

The scheme unfortunately means that motorists who do not insure their vehicle or fail to officially declare it off the road with a statutory off-road notice (SORN) will receive a letter of warning within a week. Taking no action will result in a £100 fine followed by sanctions including clamping, destruction of the offending car or even a £1,000 court fine.

Insurers, working with the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB), seek to match details of every driver, their vehicle and insurance and by doing so reduce the risk and cost of accidents caused by illegal driving. An MIB spokesperson said “uninsured driving adds around £30 a year to every motorist’s insurance premium, amounting to more than $400million in additional costs”.

It is important to ensure that you are as safe as possible when on the roads and that is why we provide a range of competitive car insurance policies that are guaranteed to help you meet your obligations.