Despite a rather temperate couple of weeks for most of the UK insurance claims have increased in some areas due to flooding.

Yorkshire, West Wales and parts of southern England is where the majority of the flooding has occurred causing damage to a number of properties. We all remember the major flooding in 2009 which resulted in around 25,000 claims with an average cost of £20,000-£40,000 each time – a situation that insurers should not underestimate.

The Financial Ombudsman Service are telling customers to be realistic, this means that people who have suffered before due to flooding or who are worried that they might should make enquiries before any serious flooding hits their area. Martyn James, representative of the Service, has warned that leaving things until the last minute might have a negative impact on your claim. Contacting your insurer to find out whether you are living on a flood plain or if your property is at risk of flooding will help to sort out these issues and might prevent the process from being overly drawn out. Huw Evans, Association of British Insurers, has said “the problem is the floods need to dry out and that can take months and months before the property can be restored.”

As we wait for the government’s amendment of the Statement of Principles it is not difficult to see why flooding is becoming a concern for homeowners, not just in terms of damage to property but also in terms of the responsibility that insurers have for their customers.