As the promise of summery weather for the UK fades away this week we find ourselves having to look yet again at the risk of flooding. The Met Office at the beginning of the week issued a mild flood warning for several parts of London and the South East claiming that thunderstorms resulting in torrential downpours might cause local flash flooding in urban areas. We are yet to experience excessive rainfall but must we endure the thought of more floods this year?

If the UK’s winter-spring transition and subsequent concerns over insurance is anything to go by then it appears the we may still be unprepared. Well, residents need not be overly concerned as Defra secretary of state Caroline Spelman claims that some progress has been made regarding a replacement to the Statement of Principles on flood insurance. A conclusion is yet to be made by the ABI (Association of British Insurers) but Spelman still wants to “see a solution which benefits those households living with flood risk, particularly those on lower incomes.” Suggestions of a voucher system for low-income homeowners were made at the ABI event but, as ever, little was confirmed. We hope to see this issue resolved sooner rather than later.

Who knows what this year’s summer has in store and that is why we continue to make every effort to ensure our customers are provided with the most cost effective flood insurance on the market so why not call us today?