Fines for motoring offences should be increased according to government suggestions made during discussions on the subject.

Fines such as speeding, it was suggested, should be raised from £60 to £90 as this will serve as more of a deterrent to drivers. The Transport Minister Mike Penning said that it is hoped that an increase in charges will remove the perception that these offenses are “minor”.

Careless driving such as tailgating, braking suddenly or passing a vehicle on the nearside might result in a fixed penalty notice as is currently common for speeding offenses. These are all regular causes of accidents and subsequently insurance claims. If claiming for compensation can be avoided by issuing a deterrent to careless drivers such as costly fines then sensible drivers will have fairer insurance policies and lower premiums.

Raising the fixed penalty notice for driving without insurance is another government suggestion in order “to reflect the seriousness of the offence”. Fines such as this should be raised from £200 to £300 but for the majority of cases public opinion of the proposals is being sought after in order to ‘help’ ministers decide whether to pursue them.