The Great British public is known for its affinity to pets, especially dogs and cats, and sometimes owners are willing to (literally) go the extra mile in order to satisfy their animal’s needs.

According to the Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association (PFMA) there are approximately 67 million pets in the UK of which 8 million are dogs; 23% of the households own at least one dog and 19% own at least one cat.

The figures attest to the fact that Britain adores pets, so much so, that some dog owners admit to spending a lot of time and money ensuring that their canines are content. Many go out of their way by taking long road trips with their dogs that eat up fuel and add to congestion on already traffic heavy roads.

New research from has shown that day trips are costing dog owners over £18 million in fuel bills. The majority confess to travelling distances of over 75 miles in order to take their dog to its favourite place. What’s more, some owners allow their dog to influence the type of car that they purchase. At least 66% have said that they changed their vehicles for something more suitable. Factors such as, sitting and standing space, access to water and ventilation are all concerns that dog owners must take note of.

Kate Rose, Head of Pet Insurance at, says: “It’s really encouraging to see dog owners wanting to take care of their pets properly […] but it’s also important to be aware of the potential dangers, […] should your dog cause any incidents on its doggy day out, you as the owner are likely to be liable for the costs of any damage caused.”

It is wise to insure your pet, not only to prevent losses due to property damage or personal injury, but also to ensure that your pet remains healthy. Veterinary bills can be costly and coupled with damage to property or persons, so too can any legal action that ensues as a result of your pet’s behaviour. Pet insurance is more important than many people realise. It is a provision that will save you money should they cause damage or fall ill.

Pet insurance policies can often seem daunting as owners don’t know which type of cover is best for them. We can help you to find the right policy for your pet.

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