We know that when it comes to finding the best insurance deal, most people would look to the internet. This is because comparison sites, or aggregators as they’re sometimes known, advertise themselves as the best means of finding you the perfect insurance deal with minimum stress. This may seem like the perfect solution for some but consider the fact that there are now around ten well known price comparison sites and even more that appear when searched for on Google. There is simply too much choice.

According to a survey conducted by search engine optimisation consultancy, Greenlight, price comparison websites rank highly as a means of securing insurance. Recommendations made by travel experts, however, were considered a less helpful means of getting insurance.

So what do customers need to be aware of, given then amount of choice that is now available? Well, one of the best ways to make sure that the information provided by comparison sites is accurate is to find a site that displays the Ofcom Price Accreditation Scheme logo. Further, there is nothing wrong with comparing the comparison sites themselves or using multiple sites to give you a better idea as to what deals are out there.

The best means of ensuring that you find the perfect insurance quote, though, is to use an insurance broker who will have access to scores of insurers and many more insurance products. Contacting your local insurance broker is by far the best way to have all the hard work done for you.

When Academy customers contact us they get a free insurance specialist who will talk you through the process, understand your needs and will make sure that you get the right cover at the end. This is something that price comparison websites don’t offer. We recognise that what you really what is someone to listen to your needs so, why not call us now to see what we can do for you?