Recent Regional figures released by the Department for Transport suggests that the number of people killed or seriously injured on London’s roads has decreased by 6% (81 casualties) in the last two years.

The capital has shown the greatest improvement in road safety than anywhere else in England since 2010. This good news comes as another recent study by Halifax publishes figures that show that one in ten drivers in the UK risk driving without insurance.

According to the Motor Insurers Bureau, accidents involving uninsured drivers injure up to 23,000 people a year and can cost up to £380 million per year, excluding costs for those drivers that are, in fact, insured.

It would seem that places such as London are improving road safety and drivers are having less accidents. However, the South East of England is reported to have demonstrated the most significant drop in road safety than any other region while the North East reported the safest roads in England with the lowest rate of KSI casualties per million people (329).

Simon Best, Chief Executive of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, urged councils to commit to improving road safety.

“The Government must bring back targets for road safety. While our real aim should be for no deaths or injuries – as is the case on the railways – simply meeting the European target of reducing deaths by 50% by 2020 would in itself save a thousand lives.”

He also commented, “Ministers should take this as a serious warning,”.

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