According to a recent survey carried out by the Association of British Insurers (ABI) 1 in 4 homeowners rely on a trustworthy neighbour for home security.

If you are a homeowner, it is essential that you have home and building insurance, which should protect you in the event of damage to the building and the contents inside. If you agree that you couldn’t replace the contents of your home easily then it’s definitely worth getting in touch with your local insurance broker who will help you organise insuring your property.

These types of insurance policy are essential when at home but even if you go on holiday. If you are travelling away from home then your property could be at a higher risk of burglary and, during the winter months, your property could also be at a higher risk of burst pipes due to freezing, which could cause damage to furniture, carpets and electrical appliances, etc. For this reason, and to avoid having to pay a large bill when you return from holiday, you should look to taking out suitable insurance for your home and its contents.

Nick Starling, Director of General Insurance at the ABI said: “With one in four households without contents insurance, homeowners could be left footing a big bill to replace valuables […] Following sensible security measures and ensuring your property and its contents are adequately covered are the wise steps people should follow to protect their homes.”

If you go away for too long, however, your insurance policy could become invalid. This is something that you must check with your insurer and if you do decide to vacate your home for long periods of time then you should inform them as soon as possible to avoid any ‘blackspots’ in your policy.

Travelling shouldn’t be a worry and having home and contents insurance should put your mind at rest. The important thing is to find a policy that meets the needs of your home, the contents and your family. The good news is that we have access to hundreds of different products so we know we will find the right one for you. Book a call now or call us to see how we can help.