Bad weather can strike at any time, that’s why it’s incredibly important that insurers and insurance brokers stay on their toes. Luckily, over the past year, and during periods of some of the UK’s worst weather ever experienced, insurers found a way to help their customers when they needed it.

Customers, naturally, can do things that help to deal with or even prevent the effects of bad weather. Just by keeping informed of the advice regularly offered by your insurer can help prevent damage/excess damage to your home in times of flooding, for example; brokers and insurers are usually quite good at doing this too.

It may not astound you to hear, then, that during 2012, the wettest recorded year in England and Wales and second wettest in the UK, insurers handled 486,000 claims for flood and storm damage from homeowners, businesses and motorists. This, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI), is why they commend insurers as that huge figure works out to over 1,300 customers being helped each day.

Flood damaged properties received an average payout of £18,200 while properties damaged by storm weather received an average of £1,300. Moreover, flood and storm damage accounted for £690 million in payouts to homes, £413 million to businesses and £84 million to motor insurance customers.

Nick Starling, ABI’s Director of General Insurance, said:

“2012 may have been a record-breaking wet one, but it was business as usual for insurers, who helped thousands of customers recover from the trauma of flooding. Insurers expect bad weather to strike anytime, anywhere and last year highlighted the vital role insurance plays in helping communities recover from our increasingly volatile weather.”

Flooding is the greatest natural threat facing the UK and so the government and insurers need to commit to establishing a suitable statement of principles to protect peoples’ properties. There is also the need for homeowners to realise this threat and make all necessary attempts to safeguard their properties from the damaging effects of bad weather.

If you live near a flood plain or if your home has been deemed a flood risk then contact us and we can point you in the right direction. Why not call us now and see how we can help?