New research from consumer campaigning charity Which? Shows that people are more likely to claim on pet insurance than on their car, home or travel cover.

According to the research Which? looked at the reasons behind people’s claims in the last two years and found that four in ten pet insurance owners (39%) have made a claim over that particular period. Of all the general insurance categories pet insurance had the highest percentage of claims among policy holders, beating car insurance (20%), home insurance (18%) and travel insurance (15%).

According to statistics held by the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association (PFMA), it is estimated that in 2012 48% of households had at least one pet. In the UK, the pet population, it is estimated, was made up of 8 million dogs, 8 million cats, and around 50 million other pets.

It would seem, then, that Britain is a nation of pet lovers and, as the PFMA suggests, pets are still a priority even during periods in which people are trying to cut back on their spending. Furthermore, as Psychologist Dr. Ceri Parsons of the British Psycological Society believes, the emotional and health rewards of owning and caring for a pet can sometimes outweigh the cost of doing so.

It is, of course, important to make sure that your pet is cared for but sometimes love and attention will only go so far. The range of medical treatment for pets is expanding all the time and it is much easier to get access to treatment that will prolong their life. However, the bills that you will accrue from visits to the vet may cost more than you expected and the cost of treatment can soon mount up. In order to prevent haughty bills and to ensure that your pet is in good health it is wise to make provisions. This can sometimes appear daunting – finding the right policy for your pet is never easy – but this doesn’t mean that you give up hope.

Speaking to a helpful insurance broker will solve this problem. They will have access to many different insurance products, making it easier for you to find the right one. Academy Insurance can help you get the right pet insurance policy so why not call us today and find out how?