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Our new professional indemnity #insurance product for contractors

Contractors require profesional indemnity insurance as much as anyone and we’re proud to announce our latest insurance product that’s been designed to cater specifically for the needs of contractors.

Contractors come from all sorts of trades and work in all kinds of businesses and many of them might be at risk without even realising it. In their day to day roles, contractors might make recommendations, design plans or implement policies that have a major impact on their customers so it’s prudent to make sure that right insurance is in place.

Our latest policy has been designed to cover contractors for all sorts of varied risks such as:

  • Privacy breach
  • Loss of documents
  • Virus transmission

We’ll cover a broad range of trades too; media, technology, engineering, accountants and architects to name just a few. We aim to provide flexible and cost effective cover that’s been designed to meet your needs so if you think you might be at risk, why not give us a call.

Is bad driving hereditary?

Apparently it is, according to some recent research just published by AXA.

Drivers aged 18-30 are three times more likely to have points on their licence or a ban if their parents have points or a ban. It seems that the habits we observe while we are passengers with our parents shape the style of our own driving as adults.

Young drivers who have seen their parents drink driving are seven times more likely to drink drive themselves, while aggressive behaviour such as hammering the horn and swearing are 50% more likely in the children of aggressive drivers.

So, if you’re prone to the occassional outburst of road rage, please think of the children..

Rent is on the rise but so are arrears #buytolet

There is mixed news for our buy to let customers this week.

Rents in England and Wales registered their largest monthly increase for a year, up by 1.2% to an average of £713 per month for August. This means that the average monthly rent has now surpassed the previous record of £705 which was set in July 2011.

The biggest increases where in London and the South West where they rose by around 1.5%. The average London rent stands now at £1,025 per month. Don’t forget that a comprehensive buy to let insurance should protect you from the worst if your tentant stops paying. Call us now to learn more.

It’s not all good news for landlords though as arrears also climbed, up for the first time since April of this year. As of the end of August 10.7% of all rent was recorded as late or unpaid.

6% of UK drivers would take penalty points for someone else

Acccording to a new report, 6% of British motorists would be prepared to falsely admit to a driving offence in order to save a friend or family member from accruing additional penalty points.

With the risk of disqualification rising with every point (it currently kicks in at 12 points), it seems that a significant minority of drivers would be prepared to lie to the police in order to save someone they know from disqualification.

Latest figures from the DVLA show that almost 4 million UK motorists have live endorsements on their licence so the threat of disqualification is very real for many people. One way around this is to take out a loss of driving licence insurance policy which pays out in the event of disqualification. A policy like this pays out a monthly sum which can be used to cover the additional costs of travel that come with losing your licence.

September is the busiest month for car insurance

September is traditionally a very busy month for car insurance. It’s the month when the latest registration plates are issued so there tends to be a massive spike in car sales every September.

The latest “61″ plates are expected to fly out of showrooms across the UK this month. While new car sales figures are down on the heights reached in recent years, this September is still predicted to be a bumper month for car salesmen and insurance brokers with over 330,000 new registrations expected.

So, if you’re lucky enough to be one of the owners of a brand new 61 plate, make sure you do your homework and exploer all the insurance options by giving us a call on 0800 4581871.