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Plan to raise speed limit divides opinion

Unsurprisingly most motorists (59%) think the new 80mph motorwat speed limit would be a good idea, showing that the scheme would certainly benefit from public support if it was introduced.

14% of us would go even further than that and would like to see a speed limit in excess of 80mph (or no speed limit at all).

There is opposition however from road safety charities and campaigners. David Williams, chief executive at GEM Motoring Assist, said: “There are very obvious road safety implications including drivers having less time to react at higher speeds. Given the road safety record is currently heading in the wrong direction, this alone is a good enough reason not to raise the limit.”

Green campaigners too are raising objections, point at the inevitable increase in fuel consumption that would come with such a change. Britain currently has some of the safest roads and motorways in Europe, as well as a lower speed limit than most of the continent.

The maximum in France and Italy is 81mph, while in Ireland Spain and Portugal it is 75mph. German autobahns are unrestricted.