Car Insurance

You going somewhere in that?

Insure now or face the crusher!!

There’s a nice sensational headline to kick off with, but the insurance industry waits with baited breath to see what the outcome of some ministerial deliberations might be.

You going somewhere in that?

Continuous Insurance Enforcement is a major change in the law that will require all cars to be insured, whether they are on the road or not.

The new law will make it an offence simply to own an uninsured vehicle unless a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice) has been completed. So even if it’s in the garage you will still be expected to insure your car.

The new law (actually part of the 2006 Road Safety Act) is designed to address the growing problem of uninsured drivers. DoT figures estimate that uninsured drivers account for 230,000 injuries and 160 deaths a year.

If it comes into force it will be a major change for insurance, we’ll keep you posted on what we think.