Passing your driving test is a major achievement in a young person’s life. You get the keys to the car and the freedom of the road, at least, in theory. As many young people are discovering, the cost of insuring your first car can often be prohibitive. In fact it’s not uncommon for insurance costs to be several times the value of the car.

This has led to young drivers being reliant on their parents, not only to purchase the car in the first place, but also to pay for insurance. Parents’ children may only be a named driver on their own insurance policies and so the child has to pay significantly less and they only owe the parent instead of the insurance provider. A recent study has shown that one in three young drivers has had their car bought for them by a parent and one in five have parents who pay their insurance for them.

It is, however a difficult and frustrating situation for young drivers and short of piling all responsibility onto their parents, what can be done to reduce the costs on insuring their first car? Here are a few tips to help you start out well in the world of motoring whether you are a young driver or a parent looking to save money where possible.

Firstly, make sure you buy the right sort of car. It’s not good buying something quick and sporty if you can’t afford to drive it. Buy a small car with a small engine, it’s not very appealing to those who consider themselves professional racing drivers at the age of 17 but it will allow you to lower your premiums and begin building that all important no-claims discount, not to mention it will be a lot safer for the driver, passengers, other road users and pedestrians.

When you have your small car, resist the temptation to modify it. Insurance companies don’t like modifications and will make you pay extra. Don’t think you can avoid this by not telling them as if you have an accident there is a chance that your policy will be invalid.

Finally, take the time to look for cheap young driver insurance . Competitive policies are available but it does mean that you might have to spend some time doing research and making phone calls.

Here at Academy Insurance, we do all the hard work for you and will provide a range of cheap insurance policies to suit the young driver. So call us now or request a call here .