Winter is on its way in the UK. Some parts of the South West have seen the effects of winter already with a snow fall of several inches causing various problems. This is the trouble with the autumn-winter transition; people have time to forget how to prepare for the spells of potentially severe weather. Storms and high winds, frozen pipes, and flooding are among the main culprits of damage to the home and icy roads and badly equipped vehicles are part of the reason why winter is the season in which many people have accidents while driving.

We would like to make sure that our customers are prepared for the cold weather so here are a few general tips from the ABI that should protect you and your property:

Storm and wind damage

Storm damage, such as that caused by high winds, will be covered by home and business property insurance policies.

Comprehensive motor insurance will cover damage caused to vehicles

People who have suffered damage should:

  • Contact their insurer as soon as possible for advice and to get the claim moving. Most insurers have 24-hour emergency helplines.
  • If necessary, arrange for any temporary repairs to stop the damage getting worse. Keep receipts, as they will form part of your claim.

Protecting against frozen pipes

ABI has produced advice to help you to get ready for winter and prevent the misery that can be caused by burst pipes.

Homeowners away for the Christmas break are urged by the ABI to take steps to reduce the risk of returning home to the trauma and expense of burst pipes.

Winter Tyres – The Motor Insurance Commitment

The ABI has produced a Commitment which sets out the position of those named motor insurers in respect of the impact on the insurance premiums of their insured customers if a customer wishes to fit winter tyres to their car.

Dangers of leaving your vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition while your car defrosts and warms up

Motorists leaving their cars to defrost and warm up in the winter risk being left out in the cold as thieves are targeting vehicles left unattended in this way.

Leaving your vehicle unattended with the keys in the ignition could be seen as not taking reasonable care, and might invalidate any insurance claim if your vehicle is stolen in this way. So brave the cold and stay with your car while it

Regardless of the season, though, sometimes things go wrong. Not especially often and not always for you but when it does you always wish you had a backup plan. Well, the good news is that insurance is exactly that. Buying an insurance policy transfers the risk from you and onto an insurance company. We have always said that shopping around should lead to the best policy and contacting an insurance broker to do all of the hard work for you is the way to go about it.

We know that our customers just want someone to listen to their needs, so that’s what we do. Why not contact Academy for a headache-less consultation?