It’s many people’s dream. Buying a motor home or a caravan and driving off into the sunset for a life of adventure and mystery. It sounds great, but before you pack your belongings and head off in to the great unknown you need to make sure you buy a motor home that is up to the job.

So what do you look for when buying a motor home or caravan?

The first question to ask is does it work? It’s a simple question that can only really be answered with a test drive. Treat it as you would treat a car, so take it out for a short drive, get it up to speed and try to get a feel for the engine, the brakes and the steering. Driving motor homes or pulling trailer caravans will be a different experience compared to driving a car so it’s important to get used to these things. Listen out for knocks and bangs. A motor home is generally used for long journeys so if you don’t feel that you can comfortably do a 500 mile trip, it’s time to walk away.

Again, treat it as you would treat a car and take a very careful look at the exterior of the motor home. Is it clean and free of rust? Has it had any major accidents? Can you see damage? Don’t forget that motor homes tend to be hand built in workshops, so look for signs of poor workmanship such as bad welding. Look carefully at window seals and joints; you will be sleeping here so you need to ensure that the vehicle is watertight.

Go inside and have a look around. This is where it’s not quite like a car as you will need to check things like services and furnishings. Are the beds, cushions and curtains clean and in good condition? Do they smell damp? They can be replaced, but it’s an additional expense so you need to make sure you are happy with the interior before you proceed.

When you’ve made a decision, it’s time to think about insurance. Insuring a motor home or caravan is not the same as insuring just a car. Motor home and caravan insurance require a specialised policy that covers the additional risks and costs so make certain that you speak to an expert and make sure you know what your policy covers you for. That is why it makes sense to talk to an expert. Call us free or book a call now.