The winter weather has brought its fair share of trouble for most parts of the UK in the past few days. Rain, lots of snow and plenty of ice have caused travel disruptions, delays and a few unfortunate incidents among motorists. On Friday the Met Office declared its highest extreme weather warning (red) for the south of Wales, indicating that heavy snowfall was predicted. The rest of England and Wales were too alerted to significant snowfall with some areas experiencing up to a foot over the course of a day.

With freezing temperatures and snowfall predicted for the next week or two we feel this would be the perfect time to provide our customers with a few winter time facts to help them through this tricky period.

If you are a motorist or homeowner and you are worried about the added complication of negotiating snow covered roads or are concerned about frozen water pipes in your home then consult the factsheets that we have provided below for useful guidance from Allianz Insurance on how to avoid catastrophe this winter.

Avoid driving bedlam

Click here for Motor Winter Freeze Hints & Tips

Protect your home

Click here for Home Winter Freeze Hints & Tips

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