The last thing holidaymakers want to worry about when planning a holiday is whether they are likely to need insurance cover. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and that’s why insurers and brokers recommend that you take out adequate travel insurance before you go abroad.

Last year, UK residents spent a whopping £18 billion travelling abroad but some travellers see insurance as a nuisance instead of a necessity. Luckily, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) is here to offer some great advice for all those thinking about travelling abroad. Commenting on the ABI’s Insurance Consumer Guide , Rob Tinline, Director of Consular Services at the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, said:

“Every year overseas Consular staff see cases where people don’t have adequate travel insurance and end up paying out thousands of pounds of their own money to cover their medical and other bills. Getting comprehensive insurance that covers everything you want to do on holiday is a vital part of planning your trip. We welcome the ABI initiative and hope it makes choosing a policy easier for British travellers going abroad.”

Here are the top three things the ABI advises customers to think about when purchasing travel insurance:

  • The travel insurance market is very competitive. However, the cheapest policy is not always the best as they often provide the least cover. Customers should shop around and ensure the policy they purchase covers their individual needs.
  • Travellers must ensure they disclose their medical conditions to insurers so they can confirm if their policy will cover any emergency treatment they may need abroad, or whether a tailored policy would be better suited to their needs.
  • Do not do anything on holiday that you would not normally do at home. Holidays are perfect for having fun, but travellers should still take necessary precautions to remain safe and not take unnecessary risks. Drink or drug-related incidents and leaving possessions unattended, particularly valuable items, could invalidate a claim.

We agree that the important thing is to find a policy that meets your needs. The good news is that we have access to hundreds of different products so we know we will find the right one for you. Why not call us now or book a call here .